February 14 2017

The Secret To Success By Eric Thomas


If you haven’t heard about Dr. Eric Thomas you must not be in the market for motivation.  This guy has been making quite a name for himself with his energy filled motivational speaking tours and quotes that enter your body from the eyes and ears but settle in the heart.  Phrases like “rise and grind” or quotes like “Don’t make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what’s actually good for you” still hit me hard when I read them.  If you want the full effect, check him out on YouTube or better yet, get the audio book to hear his story in his own words.

Without giving too much of his story away here’s a quick synopsis;

Due to some troubling problems at home a young Eric Thomas decides to run away from home.  Facing uncertainty in the mean streets of Detroit Eric chooses to take his life into his own hands. Maneuvering around and sometimes even through obstacles that face all young Black mean in urban communities, Dr. Thomas as he is now known was able to surpass goals that he never even dreamed could be a reality.

This guy (well at the time he was a kid) was offered the chance to go home, but decided to stay on the streets.  I lived in The D as it’s called many years ago and have many relatives that still live there.  Some have never left the state at all.  Let me tell you, what he did was no east feat.  The reason I love this story so much is because I can understand the source material.  I know how it is to be around people who don’t have the same goals at you, some with no goals at all.  To sum this story up I have to use one of my favorite quotes from my favorite historical figure; “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

Eric Thomas now makes a living giving motivational speeches and helping urban youths realize that they have choices.

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