March 5 2017

Top 5 Things Keeping You From Moving On


Believe it or not moving on is one of the scariest things most people face in their lives. Right now you may be thinking, “hey, that can’t be true, there are plenty things scarier than moving on.  How about dying for instance?”  Hmm, that helps prove my point actually.  What is dying if not ‘moving on’?

Here’s what I believe are the “Top 5 Things Keeping You From Moving On”.

#5. Laziness

Oh yea.  Admit it, moving on is a lot of work.  First you have to work up the courage to step away from something, then you have to do it, and then you have to deal with the repercussions. If you walk away from your job you have to find another one, make new friends, learn a new system, etc.  If you walk away from your companion you have to find a new one or go through life alone.  I bet you’re getting tired just thinking about this.

4. Loyalty

Let’s get something straight right now.  When it comes to your life, you should be the one and only decision maker.  You should not be making life choices based on how they will affect other people.  I bet if you closed your eyes right now you could easily picture a friend or family member that’s always holding you back. Whether it’s telling you what you can’t do or guilting you into helping them when you should be helping yourself, these people do not have your best interest in mind.  Whatever you think you ‘owe’ them  you ‘owe’ yourself a lot more.

3. Pride 

You’ve spent countless hours, weeks, months, or years on this thing or this person and you refuse to ‘give up’ or ‘quit’. No way!  “I didn’t waste all this time and effort for nothing”, you tell yourself.  Stop.  You’re looking at it all wrong.  Moving on and quitting are two different things.  When Steve Jobs left college and went on to become one of the greatest visionaries and marketing geniuses of all time would you say he ‘quit’ school or would you say he ‘moved on’ to bigger and better things?

2. Money

Oh try as you might, but you will often fail to find an issue or problem where money is not involved.  In a society like ours with an economy dependent on the middle class you will often see people stay; at jobs they hate, with people they no longer love or in any other kind of situation that is slowly but surely eating them up inside, because it’s economically feasible. You’d be surprised what most people will do when they want or need money bad enough.  Overall its a bad idea to stay in a situation because of money. Listen, no amount of money can buy back time.  Staying in a situation like this makes you a slave.  A slave to money.

1.  Fear

The fear of all things listed above will always be the main culprit.

  • The fear of having to start over
  • The fear of disappointing people
  • The fear of disappointing yourself
  • The fear of being broke and struggling

The overall fear of taking on any or all of these alone is enough to make most people stay in a situation longer than they should.  If you can overcome this fear you will never have to deal with it (at least not at this level) ever again.  Trust that when you are able to ‘move on’ and still survive you’ll have a confidence that will only improve over time, giving you the strength you need to succeed.

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