Even When You ‘Lose’ You Win

Have you ever heard the expression, “I never lose, either I win or I learn”? This is one of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard in my life, because it can turn any type of failure into a victory.

Let’s take Michael Jordan for instance.  The greatest basketball player of all time (my opinion) lost his first NBA Eastern Conference Finals to The Detroit Pistons. What happened the next year?  Check out this excerpt;

“The Game 7 loss resulted in a stronger Bulls team the following season. With greater concentration on teamwork, they posted the best record in the East at 61-21 and Jordan regained the MVP award after years of being called a selfish player. Proving their growth, Chicago swept Detroit.”-Wikipedia

So what happened here? The same thing that happened when Michael Jordan’s high school coach cut him from the team. He used his anger to fuel him. I believe that anger is the best motivation. Any motivating factor you can think of ultimately goes back to anger.

If a girl you love dumps you for being a lazy, selfish, bum its’ the love that lights the fire, but it’s the anger that fuels it, forcing you to look at yourself and make a change.  If you’re standing at a bus stop one year freezing your butt off, it’s the anger of being out in the cold another year that pushes to get a car.  That one actually happened to me.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  The next year I got my license and my first car.

The bulls banded together and as a team they used their anger from the previous year’s loss to propel them back into the Eastern Conference Finals, where they again faced the Pistons.  As stated above they didn’t just beat them, Detroit, the defending NBA Champions, didn’t win one single game.

“the Bulls’ 3 years of growing pains gave them the drive that inspired the greatness necessary to defeat the Pistons.”

This is just one of the many possibilities when you look at a ‘loss’ from a different angle.  I keep putting ‘loss’ in quotes because, as stated above, one should believe that they “never lose, either you win or you learn”.

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