March 11 2017

Yes Misery Loves Company, But Success Does Too


So, I’m going through my usual morning ritual of checking my social media feeds. This has become an obsessive priority for me ever since I decided to take a serious approach to doing something with my life.  As I’m going through my Twitter notifications I notice a few people who immediately catch my eye, so I read their bio’s real quick.

If it sounds good to me and fits my niche I usually hit the follow button. I saw some things I liked and left clicked a few times.  Of course there was that one Tweeter in particular who sparked my undivided attention. when I saw a ‘verified” check and “as seen on TV” I got the, “let’s check this out” response from my inner voice.

While receiving follows from verified professionals in the ‘biz’ is nothing new to me, I’ve recently come to the realization that; one must listen to successful people if one wants to be successful.  So of course, I continue.

Courageous is Contagious

I take a quick lap around her page and see some nice creativity, impressive credentials, but the thing that snapped a bulb in my head was a quote.  If you follow me on social media, you know that I love quotes.  The quote that caught my eye has been stamped above these paragraphs.  “Wanted Encouragers,” it begins.  “We have a surplus of critics already, thanks.”  Then the cherry on top, “Signed, World”.  I love it.

During the past year I have been dipping my toes into the world of real estate as a sales agent.  As part of my training I was surrounded and infused with motivational tools.  Grant Cardone videos, Eric Thomas posters, Tony Robbins books.  Some of these guys I’ve heard of before, but never really went further than reading a quote or two. I should have went further.

I started reading books by these guys and people like them.  I got the audio books to listen to on the road, so I could immerse myself in my new-found obsession.  By the time a few months had passed, I found myself stepping out from the shadows on social media, showing my face to the world and my creative thoughts along with it.  Then, I stopped and self analyzed as I often do.

I had an overpowering need to figure out why motivation was so attractive to me.  I mean, in all honesty when I first thought about this I said to myself, “I’ve been pretty selfish most of my life”. However, when I really broke it all down, I realized I was looking at things from one angle exclusively.

Instead of thinking of myself as selfish, I came to the conclusion that I was doing what many of my unsung mentors did to become successful;  I was making sure I’m strong enough to do what it is I need to do to reach my goals.  I have to provide myself with all the necessary tools.

Is Your Happiness Real?

Sure, I like being that guy people come to for help.  I like teaching people new things.   I like learning things from other people, but on many occasions the people we meet and befriend are people who knowingly or unknowingly work to deter us from reaching your goals or trick us into thinking we don’t have any.  Even worse, being around these people long enough can cause you to absorb some of their toxic traits.  It takes awhile, but if you look hard enough you will start to find yourself.

“Maybe it’s my name,” I thought.  The name ‘Alem’ translates into ‘World Leader’. Maybe I’m destined to help people.  Or maybe not.  Maybe knowing the translation of my name has caused me to believe that I am a leader. Or, maybe I’ve just listened to too many motivational speeches. There’s only one way to find out right?  Either way the pendulum swings and drops, I’ll still enjoy helping others anyway I can.

They say misery loves company, and I agree, but on the other side of that coin is success. Success loves company too.  Show me any successful person and I will tell you if they are truly happy or not based on what they do with their money.

If the successful person gets joy from helping people and ensuring the happiness of others, they are truly happy. This still works if it’s just one person they care about in the world. They are still thinking about someone else’s happiness.  Be careful here. When you lend a helping hand a bunch of people start looking to borrow. Keep an eye out for those looking to take advantage of you and get rid of them immediately.

If the successful person is selfish and only cares about themselves they may seem happy to the naked eye, but gaze upon them when they’re all alone.  It is here where the truth is revealed; They are never and will never be truly happy.  That’s not how we are coded.

Big shout out to Marsha Wright for inspiring this blog post 

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