March 13 2017

The Road To Success Is Like An Obstacle Course


If you woke up tomorrow and found out that you had just inherited 1 million dollars,  how long do you think the money would last? I bet most of you are thinking, “that’s enough to keep me set for life.” Don’t be so sure of that.  Believe it or not the probability of you squandering a million dollar inheritance is pretty high and there is a logical explanation for it.

How did you feel the last time you really worked hard for something and finally got it? That new car, that cool leather jacket, that big house on the hill with the in ground pool, whatever your goal was, close your eyes and think about a time this happened.  It was a great feeling wasn’t it?  It probably still is.  I bet you were really careful to protect your shiny new accomplishment and did whatever you could to make sure nothing happened to it.  Now think about a time something simply fell in your lap as a result of blind luck.

Let’s say you guessed most of the answers on your last quiz and got an A, or you drove 100 MPH passed a State Trooper and his head was down or he was stopping someone else. Would you count your blessings and try to never do it again? Be honest.  Yes, we both know the answer to that question don’t we?

Luck, good fortune, or for the logical thinkers out there, ‘probability’ will always fool a person into thinking they are somehow special. That things will always work out for them in the end without any real hard work or discipline.  This is why gamblers go broke.  This is why one hit wonders never top the charts twice.  This is why fighters get their asses kicked right after beating what everyone believed was a superior opponent. This is why people give up before reaching their goals. Real success is not handed to you, it is earned.

When you earn something you get a special feeling inside that can never be taken from you. You cherish this feeling and remember what it took to get rewarded with it.  That is the very thing that makes you think twice about taking certain things for granted.  That is something that is absent from any other form of ‘success’.

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