March 26 2017

Is It Time To ‘Close Your Account’ With Someone?


If you are reading this there are likely two reasons why:

  1. You like to read and analyze opinions and the title seemed interesting.
  2. You are trying to determine if you should end a relationship.

Let me be clear, this is not just about ‘romantic’ relationships which seems to be the default reaction whenever we hear the word, ‘relationship’.  This opinion is pertaining to any kind of relationship whether it be work, friendship, significant other or even family members.

If you have some one in your life who is taking from you way more than they are giving to you, then it’s time to really assess the situation.  The type of relationship and history will determine how aggressive you go about the resolution. For example if a child of yours keeps asking for money or running to you whenever they have a problem waiting for you to give them all the answers, then you are doing more harm than good-by allowing them to continue this.  A serious talk would be in order here where you tell this flesh of your flesh, blood of your blood, that it’s time to grow up. You would break it down further than that, but you get the main idea.

The Big Foot

Now, if you’ve had this conversation many, many times already, it’s time to go hard.  It will hurt at first but trust that cutting them off will be the best thing you can do for them.  You won’t necessarily ‘close their account’ as stated in the metaphor above, but it will be more of a ‘suspension’.  You suspend their account until they know how to use it responsibly.  Let’s look at friendship now, as I see this to be the situation where aggressive maneuvers would be more commonly used.

Everyone has that friend, some of us have more than one of them.  Those people who always want you to do something for them, but when you need something they have an excuse or they’re nowhere to be found.  You’ll know when it’s time to close this account.  You’re probably way past due as you read this.  You’re just worried about the repercussions or aftermath. Throw it out the window.  If this really concerns you, go ahead and have one long, serious conversation with this person telling them how you feel.  You feel like you’re being taken advantage of and that’s not what friends are for. If they respond negatively or act like they understand then quickly go back to the same behaviors, say adios.

The truth is no matter how strongly you value a relationship, you have to remember that your well-being is the main priority of your life.  This might sound selfish, but if you think about it, it’s really the opposite.  Even if you enjoy helping others and you should, you can not help anyone else if you’re not balanced. It’s time to take a long look at your relationships assets and liabilities.


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