August 14 2017


This is a simple creative writing experiment.  The rules are simple;

  1. I will choose the title and photo
  2. I will write the first paragraph
  3. You will do the rest

The story will evolve based on user comments. In other words; If you can add to the story, I will copy and paste your words into the next entry. That’s right.  In addition to being used in the traditional manner, the comment section will be utilized as a blank canvas for you to contribute to the story.

What’s this mean?  This means you can use the comment section to either leave a suggestion or to give your personal opinion on something, but most importantly use it to keep the story going. Literally write the next sentence, paragraph, scene.  You decide what happens.

Each blog post will count as a new page which will consist of approximately 500 words (doubles spaced).

Each post/page will have the name(s) of the writers responsible somewhere on the post/page (I’m thinking lower right side).

I will contribute as well, and if no one adds anything for a while I guess I will be responsible for keeping the story going.

I think this is a great way for all of us to keep our creative juices flowing. I mean even if I’m not in a writing mood, I can at least copy and paste right? Right.

Based off experience, I’m pretty sure we will feed off of each others talents and encourage and motivate simply by doing something we all love to do. In fact, creative writing exercises like this have been known to defeat writer’s block and cure the average bout with procrastination.

To be clear this is pure freestyle.  This whole concept will be based on an idea that I will come up with as soon as I finish writing this. Of course you may be tempted to go in a certain direction based on the story, but you don’t have to.

The title and featured image will be created from scratch, right…



by Alem Belton & Contributors


As I tore through clouds, struggling to breath from the pure velocity of the drop, I started to wonder how I convinced myself to jump out of an airplane in the first place. Honestly, at this point quite a few things are going through my mind. What if my shoot doesn’t open? Could I possibly survive by breaking my fall with some trees and a few precise maneuvers? Did I leave the stove on in my apartment? Will I have a heart attack before I get the answer to any of these questions? My heart is beating pretty fast right now, my eyes…they’re getting harder and harder to keep open…(use the comments section below to decide what happens next)

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