February 9 2017

About Alem Belton

We live in a new age.  The internet and social media has opened the door to unlimited possibilities.  If used responsibly, one person can make a difference big enough to help the whole world reach the next level of evolution.  If used irresponsibly, we will continue to go in reverse, devolving into a species that will eventually turn it’s back on a level of potential we can not yet begin to understand. I created this website to do my part.

My tool is one that has been used since the beginning of time.  Whether you believe in cavemen or Adam and Eve, the written word has been and still is one of the best ways to communicate to the masses.  In a society where movies, television and music are more influential than math and science, I’ve found a calling that focuses on the place where they all originated…words.

Words can build a person up or break a person down.  Inspire or devour.  Motivate or separate.  Before that song you like hits your radio dial every 15 mins the music and lyrics are WRITTEN. Before that show you’ve been binge watching all week ever made it to the screen the script was WRITTEN.  Before that reboot of a classic movie you just paid $100 to see with your family in IMAX ever had a chance to hit theaters it was WRITTEN (probably by 12 year olds).  Ladies and gentleman; this is what I do.

I look at society and I write about it.  Will my offering help to evolve us or devolve us? I don’t know.  I don’t have all the answers.  Isn’t that what makes life interesting though, not having all the answers? Think about it, how much fun would it be if you knew everything? How would you set goals?  Would you even be capable?


My goals may sound a bit complicated, but they’re really quite simple.  I want to use my passion for writing to take me to the next level, financially and spiritually.  I wrote an article not too long ago titled, “How To Become a Millionaire Without Working Another Day In Your Life”. In it I explained how one could become rich financially and actually enjoy life by getting paid to do what you love doing…FOR A LIVING!

Another goal of mine is to use my passion for writing to motivate myself and others to access our full potential in order to attain unreasonable goals.  Reasonable goals are for average people.  I don’t see myself as average, you shouldn’t see yourself that way either.

After struggling with motivation for most my life, I have recently put a lot of effort into learning as much as I can about motivation.  Let’s face it, everyday ain’t all “sunshine and rainbows”.  Using the information I’ve gathered and will continue to seek, I’ll find creative ways to keep the fire burning within all of us, so we can eventually make it to the mountain top.


 Alem has an AS in Digital Film Making and is the recipient of the “Nina Jones Fink Memorial Student Scholar Award” as well as the “Dr. Joseph N. Hankin Book Award”.  His professional career consists of management positions in multi-billion dollar companies such as Foot Locker and Gap Inc. Recently Alem has ventured into real estate sales while working on his first novel.  In a quest to further mesh his entrepreneurial desires and target of financial freedom with his passion for writing he will continue to keep hustling.