February 16 2017


Yes you read that right; Alem will buy your book!!  Just follow the 2 simple steps below and you will be entered in the monthly running to:

  • Get your book purchased!
  • Let social media know you just sold another copy!
  • Get free exposure to your Twitter page, book, website and brand overall!

STEP 1. Fill out the form below in its entirety.

STEP 2. Tweet a picture of your book @alembelton with the hashtag #BUYMYBOOKALEM.

After purchasing YOUR BOOK Alem will tweet a photo of  the confirmation page to your twitter handle with the hashtag #BUYMYBOOKALEM. 


  1. Your book must be priced under $10 (sorry I’m not rich).
  2. One author can participate multiple times, but must enter a different book each time. In other words I will not buy any book twice.
  3. Different versions of the same book = the same book (at least for this contest).