August 27 2017

Halt And Catch Fire Review

“Set in the 1980s, this series dramatizes the personal computing boom through the eyes of a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy whose innovations directly confront the corporate behemoths of the time. Their personal and professional partnership will be challenged by greed and ego while charting the changing culture in Texas’ Silicon Prairie.”

– Written by AMC

Here’s To The Crazy Ones

I recently found out that this show is in its final season and after going through the first 2 episodes of its final season, I decided to write a quick review. This will not be an in-depth review where I’m going through character names and story arcs. There are two reasons for that;

  1. I don’t have the time
  2. The way things are going with blogs these days the shorter the better

I started watching this show during the first season. I am very selective with my television viewing, but when I chose to watch a show I try to stick with it until the end. That’s not going so well with The Blacklist or House of Cards, but hey I usually go back to unfinished binge watching business when time and boredom permits. Back to this show…

What caught my interest about this particular program was the fact that it was from AMC and at the time had been pushed in front of my face during The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad episodes. The second thing is the fact that I love old school.  Especially anything 80s and a close second is anything 90s.  I think we went down hill since the clock struck 2000, but I’ll leave it at that.

The 1980’s had such personality and what seemed like an unlimited amount of optimism. Go back and watch any movie or listen to any song of the era. All of it centered around the same thing; Optimism. The belief that you can do something if you put your mind to it. Even better, while looking back on what you’ve accomplished you will realize that you had fun and barely got stressed about anything. I love it. This show captures that essence perfectly.

From the first episode and throughout the first and second season you watch 4 characters with rich, diverse personalities all lean on optimism and self-confidence to propel them into being the pioneers of our present. It’s fun to see the inner working of how laptop computers and the internet started, but it’s almost magical how you get immersed in your own past while watching some of these episodes.

Speaking off episodes, I don’t have time right now to find out who directed what episode, so I will just give props to all of them. They way this thing is shot is a work of art sometimes.

I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but episode 3 of season 4 has a nostalgic romanticism that I really miss. And when you see the episode you WILL say to yourself; “oh my god, I did that back then.”  Hey, I could have waited until the series finale to write this, but it’s not necessary. I have an undeniable belief that this show it will not disappoint.

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