February 21 2017

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone, America’s salesman.

I first heard about this sales mastermind during early training as I dipped my toe into the world of real estate.  When I was told this guy is the best I easily smirked and said, “ok”. I’ve been working in sales for most of my life and after having some small success thought I knew most of what needed to be known.  Oh was I wrong.

Fast forward to the present. Days after receiving Grant’s “Millionaire Booklet” from a co-worker I set off to check out his book “The 10X Rule” to see what all the fuss was about.  This is what I got out of it;


Going “all in” is a poker term meaning that you are risking all your chips or money in an attempt to succeed.  When you sit down to play that is your goal right?  If not it should be.  Yes there is fun in playing the game, but when money is involved I’d be less interested in fun and more interested in where my money is going.

The 10x Rule is about going “all in”.  If you have a goal you are doing yourself a disservice putting in anything less than 100% effort in. Think about it, would you go into a boxing ring and give it only 80-85%?  I hope not, because you might get your ass knocked out.

I’m using sports metaphors here, because they fit.  Life is not a game, but it’s very similar.  The same mentality and physical ability it takes for Michael Jordan to become the greatest basketball player of all time (my opinion) is what you need to succeed in your field of expertise. Now, while this all sounds good and you may nod your head in agreement, the truth is most people fool themselves into thinking they are giving 100% when they are not.

Think about push-ups for a second.  You look at the floor and say, “that’s it I’m going to do push-ups every morning”. Your next step would be to set a goal.  Here’s where people limit themselves and here’s where The 10x Rule comes in.

Whatever number comes out of your head, you want to take that and multiply it by ten.  Yup.  If you’re thinking you can do 20 then do 40. Why would you do that? Because, the first number that comes out of your head is a lie.

You will automatically set a low goal for yourself.  It’s a habit we have learned over time.  It keeps us from feeling pain, physically and mentally.  The problem is that you want this pain.  You need this pain.  No pain no gain right?

So what if you set a 10x goal of 40 and only hit 30?  That’s great.  Guess what? You just proved that you’ve been limiting yourself.  You did 10 more push-ups than the 20 you thought you’d be able to do.

The book goes deeper than this, but I don’t want to give it all away.  This guy put some great points together and deserves the sale on the book.  Let’s end this with one more sports metaphor.

If you’re in the bottom of the 9th inning, your team is down by 3 and you have 2 on base with 2 outs, are you going for a single or trying to hit the HR?  Many of us think we’re in the early innings of a game, but the truth is we have put ourselves in a position where we are in the bottom of the 9th and need to go all in.  Swing for the damn fences.