February 21 2017

Chaos and Opportunity

Do you remember, “Think Different”? This was the campaign slogan for Apple in 1997. It was a play on words used as a creatively aggressive and condescending attack on IBM whose slogan was simply, “think.

For the feature image here I was going to use just the plain logo and slogan by themselves, but decided to use the one with a smirking Steve Jobs.  This is for good reason; If anyone in the world embodied the slogan it was him.

At the time of the aforementioned slogan’s inception, Apple was in trouble. Their visionary Steve Jobs had been fired years ago and they had invested in a bad project and lost millions of dollars.  They were almost done at one point, but as the great Bruce Lee said, “In the middle of chaos lies opportunity”.

Think about it, Jobs could have taken the millions he had and just settled down, but if you know anything about this guy’s personality, you’d know that wasn’t going to happen.

Jobs used the chaos and turmoil around him to his advantage when he returned to Apple.  Witnessing first hand how the company he had co-founded lost its way he decided to go against the grain once again.

Here was the philosophy;

Okay so we have money problems, no problem. Cut costs.  Close down the manufacturing plants we don’t need and stop concentrating on so many projects.  Chop the long list down to the best of the bunch and focus on making quality products that will change the world.  The rest is history.

I could use this theme of chaos creating opportunity countless times.  Filthy rich bankers and oil tycoons took (or caused) the great depression and turned it into the Federal Reserve.  A foreign, centralized bank that produces and controls the United States currency, but is not part of our government.

How about we go more recent? Fox News saw an opportunity brewing and seized it becoming one of the most popular news outlets in the country.  Like it or not it’s true.  All they did was realize that a majority of the country’s news sources were left leaning or liberal.  Next, they catered to the forgotten right or conservatives and provided an alternative.

Fast forward a few years to the 2016 election where party lines become blurred.  Many people voted Trump in simply as a protest vote. They didn’t like the fact that they were being told what to think. Chaos turns into opportunity.

As I said, I could go on forever.  The point here is that, you shouldn’t let chaos scare, intimidate or consume you.  In fact whenever you see chaos or any other problem you can bet your last cent that something good is going to eventually come out of it.